High quality floating fish feed extruder

The superiority of extruder machines in aquatic feed production

Using the extruding equipment to process aquatic feed has the following advantages: It can produce a wide variety of products; Improve feed conversion rate; Improve the stability of feed in water; Easy to control the feed density; The mechanical properties of the finished feed are good. The lowest cost formula can be used to reduce the feed production cost; The feed is more hygienic.

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Floating fish feed pelleting machine

Advantages of fish farming business in Nigeria

Nigeria has an advantageous geographical location and huge domestic demand for fish products, which is very suitable for the fish farming industry. At present, the Nigerian aquaculture industry is developing rapidly, but how to accurately grasp the opportunity to start farming, you need to understand the advantages of Nigerian aquaculture.

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Machine included in an automatic floating fish feed production line

The automatic floating fish pellet production line is generally used in some large-scale production lines, which can effectively improve production efficiency, reduce production costs, and stabilize and improve product quality. The fully automatic floating fish pellet production line can effectively help the factory to realize the modernization of production and has good economic benefits.

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How to make the floating fish feed pellets

How to make the floating fish feed pellets?

Floating extruded fish feed has the advantages of convenient management, high nutritional value, good stability, and less water pollution. If you want to produce high-quality extruded feed, you need not only a high-quality fish pellet machine but also advanced floating fish feed processing technology for support.

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Catfish fish farming in nigeria

Guide about Catfish Farming in Nigeria

The demand for catfish in Nigeria is increasing at an annual rate of 10%, and all catfish cultured in Nigeria will eventually be digested by the local market. Nigeria has abundant annual rainfall and developed surface water systems, and most areas have the ability to carry out aquaculture. Basic conditions, catfish farming in Nigeria has now become a very effective and profitable project.

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Floating fish feed pellet machine

Tips about preventing fish diseases during fish farming

Fish are susceptible to disease like any other pets and when it comes to fish diseases, the keyword is prevention. Then how to prevent fish diseases during fish farming? In this post, I’m going to share more on fish diseases and what you can do now to prevent your fish from infecting any diseases.

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Floating fish feed machine in dry way

Advantages and processing technology of floating feed

Extruded aquatic feed is a high-quality and environmentally friendly feed with low pollution, less waste, high efficiency, and a high conversion rate. The selection of floating fish feed is an important method to produce high-quality and safe animal products and ensure human health, and it is also the trend for the future development of the feed industry.

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Chicken feeding

Chicken feeding and management methods

Rural loose chicken management technology has common characteristics with other breeding methods, the main stage of chicken death is 0~30 days old, due to the influence of temperature, environment, feeding, and other factors, plus human factors, the morbidity, and mortality are higher, let’s take a look at the rural loose chicken technology!

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fish farming in ponds (1)

Tips for fish farming in ponds

The most common mode of fish farming is pond farming, but the management of fish farming in ponds is not simple. There are many problems such as the prevention of diseases, the aging of pond water quality, and the inconvenience of irrigation and drainage. So what are the methods and techniques of pond farming? Lima Machinery summarized seven points for customers’ reference

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