Fish ponds farming

How to raise fish in fish ponds?

Now more and more people start to use fish ponds for fish farming, so what problems should be paid attention to in the process of fish pond farming? We have summarized the following points for your reference.

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1. Breeding environment

Fish ponds farming
Fish ponds farming

The most important thing for fish pond farming is to choose water-retaining ponds, and there must be sufficient water sources. In the dry and rainy seasons, the ponds must be drought-resistant and flood-resistant. In addition, the location of the pond must be facing the sun, the shape of the pond is neat, the bottom is flat, and the bottom be silt. Right amount.Strong seedlings in the lower pond: When lowering the pond, you should choose high-quality fish fry with a strong physique, neat specifications, and lively swimming. Only in this way can the survival rate of the fish fry in the lower pond be improved

2. Disinfection

Before raising fish, clean up and disinfect the pond, dig out the excessive silt, remove the weeds in the pond and on the pond wall, and reduce the threat of pathogens and predators. After cleaning, use quicklime to treat the whole pond. Perform splash disinfection. Use 250-300 kilograms of quicklime per acre of water. After crushing the quicklime, mix it into a slurry, and sprinkle it on the fish pond while it is hot. If possible, you can also fertilize, and then inject new water. After half a month put the fingerlings.

3. Fish pond management

Floating fishi feed machine-Dry granulation
Floating fishi feed machine-Dry granulation

On the eve of sunrise, when the oxygen production in the water is the least, it is necessary to frequently observe whether there are fish floating heads, and when the temperature is highest in the afternoon, it is necessary to check the activity of the fish in time to avoid bad conditions in the fish school. Reasonably feed and fertilize, and according to the changes in water quality and the floating head of the fish, timely inject water to increase itching. Improve the technique of catching and releasing in rotation, raise the index of summer rearing, do a good job in fish disease prevention, implement the policy of prevention first and prevention more important than cure, make original records of fish ponds, explore the rules, sum up experience, and improve scientific fish farming to a new level level

4. Matters needing attention

In the process of cultivating fish in fish ponds, it is necessary to regularly clean up residual bait, dead fish, pollutants, and decaying water plants in the pond to ensure a clear and clean environment in the pond, reduce fish diseases and insect pests, and plant oats next to it. Grass and other green fodder.

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