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Farm-use fish feed production line exported to Nigeria

This farm-use production line has a small footprint and is very easy to use. After customers get the machine, they can use it directly. The biggest advantages of this small production line are Low-cost investment and high economic benefits, it can better ensure the quality of the finished feed pellet.

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Ghana customer

Floating fish feed pellet machine exported in Ghana

The floating fish feed machine is ideal for making fish feed. At present, this fish food pellet machine is widely used in various feed factories, fish farms, etc. As a professional manufacturer of feed pellet machines, Lima provides high-quality feed equipment to customers from all over the world. We recently exported an LM-60 floating fish pellet machine to Ghana, 100-150KG/H.

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Machine packing and shipping

Floating fish feed pellet machine exported to Malawi

Project Name: Floating Fish Feed Pellet Production Line
Project Location: Malawi
Production Output: 3-4 tons per hour
Application: Catfish, Tilapia, Tropical fish
Feed Formulation: Maize, soya, soya cake, sunflower cake, wheat bran, premix, fish meal, soybean oil, bone meal

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Uganda customer

Floating fish feed pellet production line put into use in Uganda

This is one of our clients from Uganda, Allankasumba. He runs a small feed production plant in Uganda, but the client continues to scale up his feed production due to volume and production efficiency. After a month-long communication with the customer, the customer finally ordered a floating fish feed production line from us. Our technicians went to the customer’s site to guide the installation of the production line.

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Fish feed pelleting machine exported to Nigeria (2)

Floating fish feed extruder exported to Nigeria

Abdulrahman is a fish farm manager from Nigeria who owns a medium-sized fishery there. Recently he planned to expand his fish pond and ordered a floating fish pellet machine of model LM-60 from us, this model of fish pellet machine can produce 100-150kg/h.

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