Water treatment schemes for fish seedling fields (3)

Water treatment schemes for fish seedling fields

Seedlings are weakly disease-resistant and are infected with viruses or bacteria. Lead to diseases such as enteritis. The hematologic toxicity of ammonia nitrogen and nitrite killed the seedlings from hypoxia! From hatching to the steady growth of the seedlings. During this period, the small seedling’s resistance is relatively weak. In particular, the newly hatched seedlings are sensitive to dissolved oxygen, nitrogen, nitrite, bacteria and viruses, and temperature changes in the water.

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How do keep water quality stable?

If running water is used to hatch or scale rough, the corresponding environmental changes are relatively difficult to control. However, if treated with circulating water, the water quality is relatively stable. But water bodies also need to be treated to ensure water stability. The system of circulating water contains the following section。

High quality fish pond
High-quality fish pond
  1. Physical filtration: It can be filter equipment such as a sand cylinder. Supporting water pumps.
  2. Biofilter: Biological filters are generally used for processing. If the circulating water does not change the water for a long time, you should remove the ammonia nitrogen, and nitrite in the water.
  3. Sterilization equipment: Such as ozone machines or UV fungicides. Effectively control the community number of pathogenic bacteria in water. We do not infect fish fry or shrimp seedlings.
  4. Oxygenation equipment: If it is seawater, a blue-treated protein separator can be used together with an ozone machine. In addition to separating solid impurities in water, protein separators make a mixture of air and ozone into countless extremely thin bubbles. Increase the amount of oxygen being dissolved in the water. Ozone can also be fully dissolved in water. The bactericidal effect is very obvious. If fresh water, an air-liquid mixing pump is recommended. The bubble diameter is about below 0.1mm. The mixing efficiency is great increased。

Why do fish ponds produce sewage?

sewage is usually due to poor water. The water consumption of the fish pond is relatively large, so it is impossible to use tap water. Water must be diverted from the nearby rivers and reservoirs. If the water here is not clean, it is easy to lead to the deterioration of the water quality of the fish pond, thus threatening the survival of the fish.

sewage in fish ponds
sewage in fish ponds

 The pool is bad: if there is too thick silt at the bottom of the fish pond, the water quality is as easy to deteriorates, which will not only become black but also easy to stink. Therefore, every year, the silt at the bottom of the pond in the pond, which can improve the ecological conditions, avoid the deterioration of water quality and is also helpful to the health of fish

Poor Management: in the daily management process, feeding must be well controlled. If too much feed is fed, or frequent fertilizer increases the water fertilizer, it will also produce sewage. Therefore, attention should be paid to the amount of feeding and fertilization, according to the size of the fish pond and the number of fish farming.

How to deal with the sewage in the fish pond and become clear?

Fish ponds farming
Fish ponds farming

If the sewage from the fish pond wants to be treated, it needs to fill new water regularly, usually once in 7-10 days. If the water quality deteriorates, it needs to be changed in time, and the water quality can be used with quicklime to adjust the water quality regularly.The fish pond needs to add an itching machine, sunny days, generally start in the afternoon itching for an hour, if the floating head should also increase itching emergency. In addition, microbial preparations should be used to improve the address to inhibit the growth of allergenic bacteria.

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