Floating fish feed pellet machine

Lima Machinery has been in the fish feed production industry for more than ten years. After continuous communication with customers, we have accumulated a lot of fish farming experience. If you have any questions about fish farming, please feel free to contact us, our technicians will provide you with a complete solution.

Fish farming business in Nigeria

How to choose a suitable fish feed pellet machine for your fish farming business in Nigeria

Fish feed extruder machines are available in different sizes, types, and specifications, and their prices vary accordingly. The price range for a small-scale fish feed extruder machine in Nigeria is between N200,000 to N500,000, while a medium to the large-scale machine can cost from N2 million to N10 million or more, depending on the production capacity, automation level, and other features.


How to Make Floating Fish Feed in Ghana?

Ghana feeds fish Central Africa is a country where fish is the staple food, and fish accounts for a very large proportion of the Ghanaian people’s diet. Due to the high demand for fish food in Ghana, more and more fish farmers have begun to engage in the fish farming business, and the expansion of the aquatic business has greatly accelerated the production of fish feed in Ghana.

Floating fish feed pellet machine

Solutions for the blockage of the floating feed pellet extruder

In the process of compound feed production, the safe and normal production of the pelletizer is very important, because the preparation of pellets is completely completed by the pelletizer. However, in actual production, due to various reasons, it is easy to form a layer of thick and hard material “cooker” between the ring die and …

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