Machine packing and shipping

Floating fish feed pellet machine exported to Malawi

Project Name: Floating Fish Feed Pellet Production Line
Project Location: Malawi
Production Output: 3-4 tons per hour
Application: Catfish, Tilapia, Tropical fish
Feed Formulation: Maize, soya, soya cake, sunflower cake, wheat bran, premix, fish meal, soybean oil, bone meal

Floating fish feed pellet production line
Floating fish feed pellet production line

Video display of the floating fish feed pellet in Malawi

Fish feed extruder machine packing and shipping to Malawi

Floating fish feed pellet production process

The floating fish feed pellet production line generally includes the following process: grinding, mixing, pelleting, cooling, screening, drying and packing. The material will first be pulverized into powder by a pulverizer, and then different raw materials are added according to different formulas for mixing, and then the stirred raw materials are put into the floating fish feed pelleting machine for granulation, after the produced fish feed pellets are cooled and dried, it can be packaged.

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