High quality floating fish feed extruder

The superiority of extruder machines in aquatic feed production

Using the extruding equipment to process aquatic feed has the following advantages: It can produce a wide variety of products; Improve feed conversion rate; Improve the stability of feed in water; Easy to control the feed density; The mechanical properties of the finished feed are good. The lowest cost formula can be used to reduce the feed production cost; The feed is more hygienic.

Choosing the right fish pellet equipment can make your aquaculture more effective. The feed pellet processed by Lima floating fish feed pellet machine has the advantages of high hardness, smooth surface, complete internal cooking, and good palatability. We also have a variety of fish food pellet production line configurations for customers to choose from. Choosing the Lima fish food pellet machine allows you to obtain the best economic benefits.

The floating fish pellet machine can process a variety of fish feed

Variety aquatic feed pellets
Floating fish feed pellets display

It can produce a variety of aquatic feed, can be processed feed such as shrimp, crab, eel, catfish, carp, frog, etc. It can also produce full-fat soybean, cat and dog feed, pet feed, ornamental animal feed, and other characteristic feed.

The extruding process can improve feed absorption and conversion rate

Improve the feed conversion rate, material due to transient (HTST) processing, after high temperature makes in the feed, starch gelatinization degree increase, can reach 80-99%, more conducive to animals, especially feed digestion and absorption of aquatic animal (for aquatic animals intestinal short and thin), and hard particles feed typically up to 30%.

Improve the stability of feed in water

Floating fish feed pellet
Floating fish feed pellet

Improve the stability of feed in the water, stability is an important indicator of aquatic feed, especially for slow-eating animals, such as shrimp, crabs, etc. Because the water stability is not good, aquatic animals have not had time to eat, feed decomposition in the water, not only waste feed, but also polluted the water, is not conducive to environmental protection and sustainable development of the aquaculture industry, and the stability of puffed feed in water to achieve 12 hours, the highest can reach more than 24 hours, which is enough time to wait for the animals to pick up food, and shrimp feed requires stability in the water in an average of 4 hours.

Easy to control the density of the feed

It is convenient to control the feed density and can produce floating feed, sinking feed, and slow settling feed (the process parameters of slow settling feed are difficult to control), which is more conducive to the feed demand of animals in different water layers. Using floating feed, it can make farmers observe the fish feed situation, so as to adjust the feed, and save the feed.

High-quality floating fish feed pellet machine

High quality floating fish feed extruder
High-quality floating fish feed extruder

The extruded feed has good mechanical properties and is not easy to break. Because any crushing and decomposition of finished feed before use will produce dust, which not only increases the waste of feed but also causes pollution to water quality and air.

Floating fish pellet feed is more hygienic

The feed is more sanitary, the material after high temperature instantaneous (HTST) processing, equivalent to the pasteurization process, the harmful bacteria in the feed are all killed, thus reducing the impact of the feed on aquatic animals and harmful bacteria on water pollution.

LM80 Dry way fish feed production line
LM80 Dry way fish feed production line

In recent years, the wet extruder developed for aquatic feed has been gradually developed to produce feed of various specifications. Due to the different design formulas, it can be produced on the same equipment with only a few changes. Wet extruding equipment has become the equipment of choice for the production of aquatic feed due to its wide range of uses. With the application of computer technology in the control of wet extruders, the control of wet extruders will become easier and easier, which will greatly promote wet extruding. The application of machine in the production of aquatic feed.

Lima Machinery has been in the fish feed production industry for more than ten years. After continuous communication with customers, we have accumulated a lot of fish farming experience. If you have any questions about fish farming, please feel free to contact us, our technicians will provide you with a complete solution.

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