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Reasonably Priced Fish Feed Pellet Machine in Nigeria

Lima is a manufacturer specialized in producing fish feed extruders. We give different models of machines for different capacities, and we can also customize fish feed machines to meet the special requirements of guests. Extra corridor, wearing corridor, and feed formulas are also handed. Lima can continue to give guests comprehensive information about fish feed manufacturing machines.

Fish Feed Pelleting Machine for Fish Granges

One fact we need to know is that feed is the main operating cost of utmost fish granges, counting for 50- 70 of the variable cost depending on the intensity of husbandry. For nearly all large or medium-sized fish granges, it’s further cost-effective to produce fish feed bullets alone than to buy them from the request. marketable fish feed extrusion process refers to an admixture of raw accouterments for a cooking feed at high temperature, high moisture, and high pressure through a fish feed extruder in a short period of time, wherein the high temperature is the direct result of disunion( dry extrusion) or pretreatment and brume injection. ( wet extrusion). As a specialized treatment, extrusion can reuse a variety of fish feed raw accouterments similar to soybeans, sludge, rice, peas, and high water content. According to the humidity content in the raw material treatment, the fish feed extrusion process can be divided into two kinds dry type extrusion and wet type extrusion.

By using the Lima fish feed extruder, druggies can make fish feed pellets from cheap raw accouterments, similar as straw, cereal, bean pulp, rice cocoon, sludge, etc.

With simple structure, easy operation, high temperature, and pressure processing, this machine can produce both floating fish feed bullets and sinking fish feed without Salmonellosis and origin injection. espousing superior quality sword for long lifetime, this feed machine is suitable to promote the quality and floating time of fish feed bullets, further provident than emulsion greasepaint feed. Except for fishery, Lima feed extruder can be also applied to produce feed bullets for feed manufactories, beast granges, flesh granges and so on.

Factors to consider when choosing a fish feed machine

As we mentioned before and from the list over, there are so numerous fish feed machines on the request. Choosing one is a daunting task if you do not have a companion. Thankfully. we have come up with a short companion to help you make a choice. There are several factors to consider when choosing a fish feed machine. Then are some of them

Ease of Installation

Before you buy a machine, you should be sure that it’s easy to install. Do not buy a machine that requires so important moxie to install. The easier it’s to install, the further finances it helps you to save on installation.

product capacity

Another factor to consider is the production capacity of the machine. How much can the machine yield in an hour or a day? Match this to your current demand to see if spending on the machine is worth it.


How important can you go to chopstick out for a fish feed machine at the moment? This will determine the kind of machine you buy. There are several options including choosing a machine with a lower capacity or an alternate-hand machine.

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