Scientific feeding of grass carp (1)

Scientific feeding of grass carp

In the process of grass carp breeding, the cost of feed can account for 70%-80% of the whole. The quality of the feed affects the quality and quality of the fish. To raise the fish, the scientific feeding and management of the feed are very important. In fish ponds for cultivating grass carp, water quality, bottom quality, feed, seed, animal protection use, and external facilities are all key factors that affect the success or failure of aquaculture. Among them, feed feeding is closely related to water quality and sediment quality.

Choosing the right fish pellet equipment can make your aquaculture more effective. The feed pellet processed by Lima floating fish feed pellet machine has the advantages of high hardness, smooth surface, complete internal cooking, and good palatability. We also have a variety of fish food pellet production line configurations for customers to choose from. Choosing the Lima fish food pellet machine allows you to obtain the best economic benefits.

Under normal conditions, if the feeding is controlled and fed to 70% to 80% full, the grass carp will grow healthily and have strong resistance; if fed too much, the grass carp will suffer from the hepatobiliary syndrome. Cause bad water, bad bottom; insufficient feeding, slow growth of grass carp, weak resistance, over time, cause fish disease. Therefore, how to achieve precise and efficient feeding is very important. Next, we will explain how to cultivate grass carp scientifically from six aspects.

1. The choice of feed is crucial

To raise a good fish, it is very important to choose a good feed. Nowadays, there are many feed manufacturers producing fish feed on the market, and the quality is uneven. When choosing the feed pellet, farmers must first choose the manufacturer that has a certain scale, strong technical support, good service, high reputation, good effect, balanced nutrition, and good stability.

Floating fish feed pellet machine
Floating fish feed pellet machine

Lima fish feed pellet machine uses the fully matured technology to effectively improve the digestibility and utilization of feed, so that the fish grows faster, and the extruded material has no powder, which reduces water pollution during use. The maturation degree of Lima feed reaches more than 95%. After maturation, the aroma increases, the palatability improves, and the palatability is enhanced, which has a strong advantage in actual combat.

2. The choice of feed feeding time can’t be ignored

A small meal of grass carp is a reasonable way of feeding. Depending on the region, the breeding mode is also different. In order to improve the utilization rate of feed, reduce the load of pond water, and speed up the growth of grass carp, it is recommended to feed 4 times a day.

3. The choice of feeding location

Scientific feeding of grass carp
Scientific feeding of grass carp

The position of the feeder should be placed the upwind of the fish pond, where the water depth is deepest, and where the traffic is convenient. Aerators should be placed reasonably around the feeding area. The aerator near the feeding area must be turned on every time to increase the local dissolved oxygen and increase the food intake of grass carp.

4. Water quality management

Water treatment schemes for fish seedling fields (3)
Water treatment schemes

Ponds with conditions in the middle and late stages of aquaculture change 10 cm of water every 10 days. For ponds that cannot be changed, the bottom and water should be changed regularly.

5. The management of feeding amount should be meticulous

Determined according to weather conditions, grass carp status, water quality conditions, animal protection use, etc. Under normal circumstances, it is best to feed the grass carp feeder within 45minutes and keep it within 80% of fullness. Otherwise, eating too much can easily lead to hepatobiliary syndrome.

6. The use of an aerator

In the middle and late stages of aquaculture, when the pond density is high, the aerator is turned on at 22 o’clock every day until dawn the next day.

Floating fish feed pellet
Floating fish feed pellet

In the early stage, using the fish feed produced with Lima extruding pellet machine, the grass carp grows fast, the feed coefficient is low, and the resistance is good. Later, in the last month before the fish, the pellets were fed again to restore the fish’s body shape.

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