Catfish farming in Nigeria

How to start a small catfish farm in Nigeria?

Since the demand for fish is adding continuously, numerous growers have started fish husbandry on a small scale for fulfilling their diurnal family demands or on a large scale for making a further profit. Catfish maybe isn’t the most popular fish in Nigeria, but this fish species is by far the most cultivated in Nigeria. One good thing about catfish is that it’s one of the easiest fish species to cultivate. So, people naturally flow to the direction of fish specie the easiest to cultivate. Then let’s talk about how to start a small catfish farm.

In this composition I’ll take you through fish husbandry ways, cost of fish husbandry forthe small-scale catfish husbandry, and cost of feeding fish especially catfish in Nigeria.

Why you should start a catfish farm in Nigeria?

Catfish farming in Nigeria is a good business idea one can execute and make a good profit out of it. Generally, tilling in Nigeria brings by good return if one can understand the ways behind them. And this is the reason why fish farming ways are veritably important to any success one can record in the business.

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One of the reasons why parenting of catfish is popular in Nigeria is because of its high quality of protein and its part in boosting vitamins input.

Steps to starting the catfish business

  • Determine the size of Your catfish ranch
  • You must understand catfish husbandry requests in your area
  • Proper Drainage
  • Understand the cost of starting the catfish husbandry business
  • Get to know your rivals( competitors)
  • Make the catfish pond
  • Feeding the catfish
  • Be watchful about catfish conditions
  • Keep records of your catfish business including income and charges

How to start the catfish husbandry business

The first thing you need to consider is whether you want to use an earthen pond or concrete pond or tank for your fish husbandry. Any of them has advantages and disadvantages and your choice may depend on the number of fingerlings you want to rear.

Note if you want to use an earth pond, make sure it has at least three feet of water depth to insure your catfish grows well. However, make sure you do change your water every three days If you’re using a tank or concrete. The mode of water discharge should be part of your concrete pond or tank pond.

High quality floating fish feed extruder
High-quality floating fish feed extruder

Choosing the right fish pellet equipment can make your aquaculture more effective. The feed pellet processed by Lima floating fish feed pellet machine has the advantages of high hardness, smooth surface, complete internal cooking, and good palatability.

You would ineluctably need an area of land for your construction of fish ponds to start your fish husbandry business, but it all depends on where you can go.

Some recommended farms around you can get your fingerlings from.

Learn more knowledge about catfish farming. If everything works out at the first pass, it’ll surely be thanks to the knowledge you have about the fish farming business.

Catfish farming in Nigeria advantages

  • Fish sells faster than utmost other feed products in the request.
  • Fish grows faster than utmost other creatures; hence, the period of the ROI is shorter.
  • There are always demands fish in the request.
  • The ROI from fish husbandry is veritably seductive and is enough compensation for your time and invest.

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