Floating fish feed pellet

How to choose right feed pellet for your fish farming?

How to choose the applicable fish feed is veritably important for growers. Because purchasing of feed is the largest proportion of the cost in the entire process, it’s the key to gaining the profitable benefits of fish culture.

The cost of fish feed accounts for a large proportion of fish growers’ products. Feed pellets are extensively used in fish husbandry. Choosing the right quality fish feed pellets can ameliorate feed application, growth rate, and vulnerable system, and prevent diseases. thus, fish growers must learn how to choose suitable fish feed pellets.

Feed quality must meet the ensuing conditions.

Floating fish feed pellet production
Floating fish feed pellet production
  • The feed must be nutritionally complete, including a complete vitamin and mineral premix.
  • The protein content of the feed is generally 32- 36%. Protein-rich feed costs more, but is worth the plutocrat, especially if the average fish weighs no lower than 50 grams. The quality of feed will drop with the extension of storehouse time.
  • The feed should be used up within 6 weeks after the product, if the storehouse time is too long, its vitamins and other nutrients will be lost, or destroyed by fungi and other microorganisms.

How To Choice Right Feed Pellet?

Chooses a large-scale factory with good specialized service

Firstly, the selection of product enterprises chooses a large-scale factory with good specialized service, good character, and strong specialized force. These enterprises have strong fiscal and specialized strength to ensure that the product of feed formula and nutritive balance, conducive to the digestion and immersion of the object, and promote their growth. At the time of purchase, to see the markers on the packaging, like name, nutritional constituents, product date, shelf life, etc.

High quality floating fish feed extruder
High-quality floating fish feed extruder

Lima feed machinery has been working in the feed farming industry for more than ten years, as the professional manufacturer and exporter of feed equipment. We specialize in the production of fish feed extruderspoultry feed pellet machines, and corresponding production lines. If you have any questions about the feed pellet industry, please feel free to contact us.

Pay attention to feed security

Second, we must pay attention to security. That’s to say, we should test whether the fish feed pellets add harmful additives or not. Or differently, the fish will have an unattractive body shape and indeed impact our health seriously.

Control the number and amount of feedings

Third, the fish do not have a stomach, so the feed pellets stay in the intestinal tract for a short time, causing the feed pellets to have low effectiveness. So in the fixed gross, we should increase the feeding times and reduce the quantity of the feed pellets.

Choosing dependable feed pellet manufacturers

Fourth, the dependable feed pellet manufacturers. The companies with large scale and good character have strong technology strength to insure balanced nutrition and scientific feed formula. Fish growers should buy the feed pellets produced by dependable manufacturers.

Factory display
Factory display

Pay attention to the shelf life of the feed pellet

Fifth is the manufacture date of the feed pellet. Feed pellets that exceed the shelf life will reduce the nutrition contents and have a bad influence on fish. Fish growers should insure the feed pellets can be finished within the manufacture date.

Choosing the wrong size or type of feed won’t only increase feed waste, affect fish health, but also beget water pollution. thus, it’s veritably important to choose the right fish feed product machine to make the most suitable fish feed size and type.

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