Extruded floating fish feed pellet

Features and advantages of extruded floating fish feed pellet

Common fish feeds include sinking fish feed and floating fish feed, do you know which is better for use? In fact, when the feed ratios are similar, there is basically no major difference between the two types of fish food. What we need to do is not to consider which fish food is better to feed the fish, but to give full play to the characteristics of the two types of fish food and use them comprehensively according to the type of fish. Today, I would like to introduce to you the advantages of our extruded floating fish feed produced by the floating fish feed pellet machine compared with the sinking fish feed.

1. Extruded fish feed helps farmers to carry out scientific feeding management

The feeding management is convenient, and the extruded aquatic feed can be suspended on the water surface for a long time. There is no need for a special feeding table when feeding, and only fixed feeding is required.

The fish need to float on the water surface when feeding, which can directly observe the feeding situation of the fish, adjust the feeding amount in time, and know the growth and health status of the fish in time.

Scientific fish feeding management

Therefore, the use of aquatic extruded feed is helpful for scientific feeding management. Breeders can calculate the amount of bait to be fed according to the species, specifications, quantity, water temperature and feeding rate of the fish to be farmed, and feed them quickly, which not only saves a lot of time but also improves labor productivity.

2. The utilization rate of extruded floating extruded material is higher

Extruded floating fish feed is beneficial to improve feed utilization. Due to the processing conditions of high temperature and high pressure, the starch in the feed is ripened and fat is more conducive to digestion and absorption, and the fiber structure and cell wall are destroyed and softened, and the gossypol in cottonseed meal and the antitrypsin in soybean are destroyed. , thereby improving the palatability and digestibility of the feed.

In addition, due to the physical and chemical changes in the extruding process, the extruded feed generally produces less than 1% of the powder, which directly improves the effective utilization of the feed. Under normal circumstances, the use of extruded floating feed for fish farming can save 5-10% of feed compared with powder or other pellet feeds.

3. The impact of extruded fish feed on water quality is low

Low impact on water quality

The use of extruded floating fish feed can reduce water pollution. The extruded floating fish feed will not dissolve in water for a long time. The floating time of high-quality floating fish feed can be as long as about 12 hours, and the feeding is easy to observe and control, so as to reduce or avoid the impact of powder and residual bait on the water body. pollution, which is extremely beneficial to environmental protection and the growth of fish.

According to different species and different growth and development stages, we can produce extruded floating fish feed that is suitable for its caliber and nutritional needs, which can well meet the needs of conventional aquaculture and special aquaculture for its feed, which is convenient for farmers. It can also promote the development of production.

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