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How to reduce the cost of aquaculture farms?

While there are really huge growth opportunities for aquaculture today — particularly in Africa and Asia — rising costs associated with inputs, raw accouterments, and feed remain a growing problem. Maintaining optimal feed conversion rates is now more important than ever, and managing costs is crucial to running a successful and profitable fish farm.

Choosing the right fish pellet equipment can make your aquaculture more effective. The feed pellet processed by Lima floating fish feed pellet machine has the advantages of high hardness, smooth surface, complete internal cooking, and good palatability. We also have a variety of fish food pellet production line configurations for customers to choose from. Choosing the Lima fish food pellet machine allows you to obtain the best economic benefits.

Give a nutritionally balanced feed

Estimate feed performance by considering feed effectiveness, growth rate, overall quality, insipidity, health, vulnerable support, and water quality maintenance.

Floating fish feed pellet
Floating fish feed pellet

It’s effective and practical to estimate feed performance by considering a variety of properties. The quality and integrity of the feed named will vary for different species and stages of life. Proper preparation of feed will help ensure that animals and farms get stylish results. Determining protein content is a simple and generally used method of assessing feed quality – the advanced the better.

Support health

Vitamins and minerals must be added to the feed in order to produce a nutritionally balanced and truly complete diet that will meet the introductory nutritive requirements of fish and shrimp.

Animals in farmed environments also need the necessary nutrients to meet their introductory nutritive needs. Organic trace elements are ideal because they’re more bioavailable than inorganic materials and can be absorbed, stored and employed by animals.

Maintain optimal water quality

Not maintaining these conditions could negatively affect growth and performance一and the risk for disease on the farm could potentially increase if the vulnerable response declines.

Correct water quality maintenance depends on understanding the correct water quality and fish and shrimp farming is absolutely essential. The ideal environmental conditions will vary for different species of fish and shrimp. However, they may have a negative impact on growth and performance – if the vulnerable response is reduced, the risk of disease in the farms may increase, If these conditions aren’t maintained.

Develop a best-practices management program

  1. Review feeding tables for accurate information
  2. Communicate well with team members
  3. apply automated feeding technologies

Apply technology

Ultramodern technologies and systems for example RAS( recirculating aquaculture system) and Biofloc enable lesser control and allow for heightened management of aquaculture systems.

Floating fish feed extruder by dry way
Floating fish feed extruder by dry way

This is the key to achieving optimal farm performance. A well-enforced management plan will support better breeding and biosafety practices.

In order to maximize profits and reduce costs, care must be taken not to negatively affect the rate of progress – something that seems fairly small can actually have a huge impact on growth.

Lima machinery has been in the fish feed pellet industry for nearly ten years, focusing on the production of fish food extruded pellet machines. In addition, our factory has dozens of different fish feed pellet production line solutions for customers to choose from. After continuous communication with customers, our feed pellet machine has received praise from customers, especially those in Africa and South Asia. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, our professional technicians are more than happy to help you.

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