Floating fish feed pellet

How to design a suitable fish feed pellet formula in the different fish growth stages?

In different growth stages of fish, there will be certain differences in the ratio of nutrients required by fish, which is to enable fish to grow healthier and faster. We need to choose the appropriate fish food formula according to the type of fish and different growth stages, so as to ensure the comprehensive and balanced nutrition required by the fish, maximize the use of the nutritional value in the feed, and at the same time comply with economic principles and minimize the cost.

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Substances in the fish feed pellets

What are the functions of various substances in the fish feed pellets?

The main components in fish food pellets include protein, fat, carbohydrate, cellulose, inorganic salt, etc. Some color-boosting substances are added to the feed of some ornamental fish to help the fish obtain a more vivid color on the body surface.
Generally speaking, the protein, fat, carbohydrate and other substances in fish food pellets can be obtained from raw materials, but some necessary inorganic salt minerals need to be added during the pelleting process, like adding the bone meal to increase the calcium content.

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Livestock Feed Pellet Making Machine

Livestock Feed Pellet Making Machine | Flat Die Poultry Feed Pellet Mill

The feed pellet processed by this machine has a smooth surface and moderate hardness. The particle size diameter during granulation can be customized according to the needs of different growth periods of farmed animals. The machine has a simple structure, low noise, and wide applicability, which is ideal equipment for the production of livestock and poultry feed pellets.

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Extruded floating fish feed pellet

Features and advantages of extruded floating fish feed pellet

According to different species and different growth and development stages, we can produce extruded floating fish feed that is suitable for its caliber and nutritional needs, which can well meet the needs of conventional aquaculture and special aquaculture for its feed, which is convenient for farmers. It can also promote the development of production.

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Farm use fish feed production line

Farm-Use Simple Fish Feed Production Line_40-300kg/h

Lima farm-use simple fish feed production line was designed for the small fish farms, it has the advantages of low investment cost, high economic benefit, and good feed quality. This farm use production line can meet the production of fish feed pellets with only four machines: Raw materials crusher, mixer, fish feed pellet machine, and fish feed pellet dryer.

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Floating fish feed pellet production line

Floating Fish Feed Pellet Production Line

The floating fish feed pellet production line generally includes the following process: grinding, mixing, pelleting, cooling, screening, drying and packing. Our fish food pellet production line has a variety of configurations to choose from, including domestic small units with a typical output of 50-200kg/h, commercial production lines with 200-500kg/h, and the ultra-large factory production line with 2-5T/h.

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