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4 reasons to trust China lima fish feed machinery

1. Fish Feed Manufacturing Machinery Company Advantages

The concept of China Lima fish feed machinery and equipment company is that trust comes from quality. Before each machine is shipped out of the warehouse, it will check whether the test machine is up to standard and ensure that all the machines afactorynd equipment sent to the customers are smoothly used, Floating Fish Feed Machinery Mechanical Equipment Company was established in 2006. The advantage of China Lima mechanical equipment is that the machine is independently developed. The use of China Lima mechanical equipment can improve production efficiency and reduce labor costs, among similar products, fish feed manufacturing factory and equipment is of high performance and relatively low price.

For customers who need small household feed manufacturing equipment, China Lima Fish/Animals Machinery and Equipment Company is a good choice, feed equipment also has the advantage of producing high-quality and healthy feed. China Lima feed mechanical equipment fish feed manufacturing equipment has a high-temperature manufacturing step during the feed mixing process, to a certain extent can kill most of the bacteria, which greatly reduces the fish feed, the risk of disease, high-quality feed can help fish to healthy life and growth, china Lima feed machinery and equipment company also has products of different specifications and models, corresponding to customers with different needs such as large-scale farmers, medium-scale fish feed manufacturers and so on. If you happen to have the need for machinery and equipment, check out the list of products from China Lima fish feed machinery and equipment company, where you are sure to find the one that suits you.

2. China Lima floating fish/animal feed machinery Brand

China Lima Mechanical Equipment Company, with nearly 20 years of independent R&D experience, is a rich experience, loved by customers, and gets high-quality praise more than a 20-year-old brand. China Lima Mechanical Equipment Company believes that trust comes from quality, and has been working for more than 20 years to create a company image with perfect service and high-quality products, including the aforementioned pre-sale testing, china Lima Mechanical Equipment Company also has the advantage of fast delivery, good after-sales, after the purchase of product use guidance, feed mix Mechanical Equipment Company also achieved 24-hour online service guidance, including China Lima machinery and equipment company’s products easy to operate features, the purchase of customers in the use of the machine is basically the same praise, after nearly 20 years of self-construction and continuous development of innovation, it has become a solution specialist in the development of automated poultry, autonomous solutions, and continuous improvement technologies for fisheries and livestock.

It is committed to improving the complete ecological chain of efficient and healthy diets and has made great contributions to the innovation and development of the global poultry and fishery machinery industry. It has also become a model for mixing machinery and equipment manufacturing sector, enabling small start-ups in this area to move forward in the direction of China’s Lima machinery and equipment company, it has also allowed China’s machinery and equipment manufacturing field to develop and progress continuously, improving China’s machinery and equipment manufacturing field, Henan Lima Feed Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located in the city center of Zhengzhou, a transportation hub in Henan province, China’s largest agricultural province. Lima Machinery Company is a professional team of 500 people, including 100 team members in China to capture the market;

120 mature export team; professional production, there are 200 members in the R & D Department, 20 engineers with advanced technology, and 60 people in the perfect after-sales team. Lima Machinery Company adopts advanced, self-developed production technology, its perfect service attitude makes it 360 degrees to visit customers, and get a lot of feedback, according to these feedback experiences again r & D, design, production of customer satisfaction products, sales, and continuous improvement of after-sales service. Customer Evaluation of China Lima Mechanical Equipment Company

Very satisfied and trustworthy Its excellent corporate system has also won praise from users. Lima Machinery Co., Ltd. has been working with customers in nearly 200 countries, the main export countries are Asia: the Philippines, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh. Africa: Nigeria, Zambia, Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, Algeria, Seneca, Cameroon. Lima Machinery Company not only sells on the Internet, but has also participated in exhibitions around the world since 1998, the company’s performance has gradually improved, has been more than 2 billion yuan, and gradually improved its own brand status, to make more and more customers know the brand of China Lima Mechanical Equipment Company, it is also expanding its sales range, committed to get orders and customers from different countries.

3. Lima machinery Product introduction

Fish feed production line

Poultry feed machine

Poultry feed production line

Auxiliary equipment

Such as floating fish feed machines, fish feed crushing production lines Poultry feed machines, poultry feed production lines, auxiliary equipment, etc. We do our best to improve our industrial chain to meet customer needs and continue to segment products

For example: fish, shrimp, dog, cat, etc. Different sizes and shapes can be made by simply changing the mold. Easy to use and applicable scope

The screw is made of chromium alloy steel and has undergone special heat treatment, which has the advantages of long life and wear resistance. The motor uses a standard pure copper motor, which is more stable and durable. Siemens motors can be customized. The fuselage adopts environmentally friendly spraying technology to resist corrosion and rust. The body is made of high-thickness steel plate, which is strong, stable, and not easy to fall off, making more people choose it.

It can be produced in different specifications such as 1mm-12mm, suitable for fish at different stages. It also meets the needs of different customers, with different fish sizes and feed ingredients. The raw materials include corn flour, fish meal raw materials, rice bran and soybean meal, bone meal, wheat bran meal, and water.

Common products have different specifications and models. Here is a brief introduction. For more details, please call Lima.

The diesel types of dry floating fish feed machines are as follows

Dry-type floating fish feed machinery


Main Power: 12HP

Feeding Motor: 0.4KW

Machine Size:1400×1250×1200 mm

The product specifications of the wet floating fish feed machine are as follows:

Dry-type floating fish feed machinery

Feeding Motor: 1.5kw

Screw Diameter: 60mm

Cutter Motor: 1.1KW

Machine Size: 1780*1250*1300MM

The product specifications of the twin-screw wet floating fish feed machine are as follows:

Dry-type floating fish feed machinery

Main Motor: 55-75(k w)

Screw Diameter: 95(mm)

Cutter Motor: 3.3(k w)

Machine Size:5270*3840*1860(mm)

Lima has five fish-feed lines examples of its product specifications are as follows :

Production Line:

NO.1 40-300kg/h Farm uses Aquatic/pet feed simple production line

NO.2 200-800kg/h Commercial use Aquatic/pets feed production line

NO.3 500-2000kg/h Commercial use Aquatic/pets feed production line

NO,4 3-4ton/h Commercial use Aquatic/pets feed production line

NO.5 5-10ton/h Commercial use Aquatic/pets feed production line

Details are as follows:

40-300kg/h Farm use Aquatic/pets feed simple production line Product advantages: simple operation, easy to use, low cost, mobile use, easy to move, small size, easy to carry, easy handling, low transport costs, particle size can be selected from 1-12mm1 process. Crusher-2. Mixer-3. Feed Pellet Extruder-4. The dryer size of the entire production line 5 × 2 × 3M workers requires two people to ship requires the use of LCL (4-7 CBM) power 16-68 k w wooden box packaging.

200-800kg/h Commercial use Aquatic/pets feed production line:

The range of application is 200-800kg/h. Suitable for small and medium-sized commercial aquaculture/pet feed plants, and large farms. Stable output, high efficiency, continuous operation, labor-saving, direct packaging, and particle size can be selected from the 1-12mm process flow. Conveyor-3. Mixer-4. Conveyor Belt-5. Feed pellet extruder-6. Air Conveyor-7. Dryer-8. Air Conveyor-9. Number 10. Air Conveyor-11. Cooler-12. Air Conveyor-13. The finished product warehouse the whole production line size is 25 × 3 × 6m workers require 2-3 people to ship 40-foot container power 86-152kw

500-2000kg/h Commercial use Aquatic/pets feed production line: Production capacity: 500-2000 kg/h applicable range: applicable to large and medium-sized commercial aquaculture/pet feed plant products advantages are: long life, reduce the cost of multiple purchases, protein feed nutrition, yield stability, high efficiency, continuous operation, labor saving, reduce labor costs, can be directly packaged, particle size can be selected from 1-12mm process flow. Details are Bucket Elevator-2. Buffer Box-3. Hammer Mill-4. Bucket Elevator-5. Buffer Box-6. Mixer-7. Bucket Elevator-8. Broken Arch Groove -9. Wet feed pellet extruder-10. Air Conveyor-11. Dryer-12. Air Conveyor-13. Seasoning machine-14. Air Conveyor-15. Cooler-16. Air Conveyor-17. Finished silo size of the entire production line length: 35 m-50 m width: 6 m height: 8 m workers required 3-5 workers shipped 2 x 40 ft container powered 94-217 k w flavoring machine

4. Lima fish feed mixing machinery The Adjuster

China Lima has excellent after-sales service, A. Ask questions. If you have any questions, visit Lima’s website, which has a 24-hour human service, or contact a product The Adjuster specialist for one-on-one instruction, will give you a good service experience, b. After-sales problems, quality problems package exchange, and machine equipment use problems in time to repair for you, in short, China Lima Machinery and EquipmentCompany is a good company, if there is a need for this it will be a good choice. Welcome to the official website of China Lima Mechanical Equipment Company for browsing and consulting

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