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Floating Fish Feed Pellet Production Line

The floating fish feed pellet production line generally includes the following process: grinding, mixing, pelleting, cooling, screening, drying and packing. Our fish food pellet production line has a variety of configurations to choose from, including domestic small units with a typical output of 50-200kg/h, commercial production lines with 200-500kg/h, and the ultra-large factory production line with 2-5T/h.

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Farm-Use Simple Fish Feed Production Line_40-300kg/h

Lima farm-use simple fish feed production line was designed for the small fish farms, it has the advantages of low investment cost, high economic benefit, and good feed quality. This farm use production line can meet the production of fish feed pellets with only four machines: Raw materials crusher, mixer, fish feed pellet machine, and fish feed pellet dryer.

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Livestock Feed Pellet Making Machine | Flat Die Poultry Feed Pellet Mill

The feed pellet processed by this machine has a smooth surface and moderate hardness. The particle size diameter during granulation can be customized according to the needs of different growth periods of farmed animals. The machine has a simple structure, low noise, and wide applicability, which is ideal equipment for the production of livestock and poultry feed pellets.

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Poultry Feed Pellet Production Line

The poultry feed pellet production line is mainly used for poultry such as chickens, ducks, rabbits, pigs, cattle, sheep, etc. The produced poultry feed pellets have the advantages of uniform particle size, comprehensive nutrition, good palatability, good digestion and absorption, and easy transportation.

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Feed pellet raw materials crusher

Feed pellet raw material crusher can crush the raw material of feed pellets into powder to meet the needs of the subsequent pelletizing process. The common feed raw material pulverizers include self-priming disc pulverizers, hammer pulverizers, large-scale drop-type comprehensive pulverizers, and two-in-one pulverizing and mixing equipment.

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Feed pellet raw materials mixer

After the raw materials of feed pellets are pulverized into powdery materials, they need to be put into the mixing equipment for uniform mixing. During the mixing process, some essential ingredients of feed pellets can also be added according to the formula. Homogeneous mixing of raw materials ensures that each part contains the same nutritional content, further improving the consistency of pellet quality at the final production point.

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Feed pellet screening machine

With the continuous development of the feed industry, the feed production process is becoming more and more specialized. The screening equipment can not only screen out the impurities in the feed raw materials but also grade the feed pellets of different sizes. It can realize the classification of feed raw materials, remove impurities, remove dust, etc.

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Lima Feed Machinery

Lima machinery has been in the fish feed pellet industry for nearly ten years, focusing on the production of fish feed extruders, poultry feed pellet machines, and corresponding production lines. In addition, our factory has dozens of different fish feed pellet production line solutions for customers to choose from.

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