Farm use fish feed production line

Farm-Use Simple Fish Feed Production Line_40-300kg/h

Lima farm-use simple fish feed production line was designed for the small fish farms, it has the advantages of low investment cost, high economic benefit, and good feed quality. This farm use production line can meet the production of fish feed pellets with only four machines: Raw materials crusher, mixer, fish feed pellet machine, and fish feed pellet dryer.

This small agricultural production line not only greatly reduces the cost of feed pellet production, but also can better ensure the quality of fish feed pellets, which is the best choice for small fish farms.

Video display of the farm-use fish feed pellet production line

The main equipment in the farm-use fish feed pellet production line

The equipment used in this farm-use fish food pellet production line includes raw material crusher, mixer, fish feed pellet machine, and small vertical dryer. Customers can add auxiliary equipment according to their own needs such as the seasoning machine, screening machine, packaging machine, etc.

Farm-use fish feed pellet production line

The output of the entire production line is 40-300kg/h, it needs manual feeding, material transfer, discharge collection and other steps. But customers can also add some conveying equipment to make it a fully automatic production line to obtain higher working efficiency.

1. Raw materials crusher

This is a self-priming disc crusher equipped with a dust removal device. The user only needs to put the suction mouth against the grain raw material, and it can grind it to 10-200 mesh.

The output of this grinder can reach 200-800kg/h, the structure is simple, and it is easy to use, which is very suitable for small farms.

2. Grain powder mixer

The crushed grains need to be stirred by a mixer. During this process, some nutritional supplements can be added according to the formula of fish food pellets. The output of this small mixer can reach 60kg-500kg/h.

3. Floating fish feed pellet machine

This fish food pellet machine is our most popular product, and the power mode can be either a diesel engine or a motor. The fish feed processed by our floating fish feed pelleting machine has the advantages of high hardness, smooth surface, complete internal ripening, good palatability, etc.

4. Small vertical dryer

The produced fish feed pellets need to be cooled before putting into use. This small vertical dryer adopts the method of internal circulation of the fan cold air to quickly cool down the feed pellets. Users can choose drying equipment according to their own needs. Generally speaking, the quality after drying by this machine is better than natural drying.

5. Optional equipment

For the farm-use small unit production line, from the perspective of cost control, there is not much auxiliary equipment required. But for some special fish species farming, seasoning machines may be necessary, which is conducive to the growth of fish.

Seasoning machine
Screw conveyor

Users can also choose to add conveying equipment to save labor, and only need a few screw conveyors to make it a fully automatic production line.

Features of the farm use fish feed production line

Farm-use fish feed pellet production line
  1. Low-cost investment, high economic benefits, and can better ensure the quality of the finished feed pellet.
  2. The structure of the production line is simple, and the user can get started with it easily.
  3. Small footprint, no need to specially design plant installation drawing.
  4. High flexibility for demand increases and decreases, even if production demand is greatly reduced, it is easier to generate profits because of the low cost. It is also easier to add new equipment when demand increases significantly.

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