Floating fish feed formulation

1. Characteristics and advantages of floating fish feed

Floating fish feed is a kind of feed that can float on the water surface produced by a floating fish feed mill pellet extruder machine. In addition, some foaming agents or foaming agents and other floating agents can be added to the feed to increase the buoyancy time of the pellet feed. Floating fish feed manufacturing machinery can also be used to adjust the density and shape of the pellets to make them more buoyant, and you can choose Lighter, lighter feed such as phytoplankton or zooplankton. The advantage of this type of feed is that it floats on the water, is not easy to settle, and is easy for fish to eat. Especially for fish that like to swallow, the feed utilization rate is greatly improved. Provide nutrients for fish growth and promote healthy growth and development of fish. The advantage of the float is that if you put too much, the fish will not be able to finish it, and it can be fished out in half a minute. It will not pollute the water environment and cause algae blooms.

Letting the fish eat food floating on the water also increases the interactive viewing experience, and can also help observe the feeding situation of the fish, thereby adjusting the amount of feed according to the feeding situation of the fish, and the amount of feeding can also be adjusted according to the feeding situation of the fish. Fish sleep and eat to understand their growth and health status, which can save time and improve labor productivity. Floating feed can improve feed utilization. Floating feed will not dissolve in water for a long time. The high-quality floating feed made by using an extruder for floating fish feed can last for about 12 hours, and the feeding amount is visible and will not appear. Since there is a problem of too much feeding at the bottom of the feed and it is not clear how much to feed, it reduces the pollution of the water body at the bottom of the feed, which is extremely beneficial to the protection of the environment and the growth of fish resources.

2. Factors to be considered in feed formulation

The formula of fish floating feed should be determined according to the species and growth stage of the fish. Different types of fish have different nutritional requirements. Different growth stages require different amounts of feed. Fish also have a higher demand for protein. Raw materials and formula milk should contain sufficient and easily digestible protein sources such as animal and plant proteins. In recent years, fishmeal has also become one of the main sources of protein in aquatic feeds. It has high protein content and is rich in animal amino acids. It is easily digested and absorbed by animals. However, remember that the protein content must not only meet the needs of healthy growth of fish, but also The energy ratio is moderate, and then mixed with a feed mixing machine. The ratio of more or less protein will be affected. The wrong energy-to-protein ratio is not conducive to the growth of fish. Fat is a necessary factor for fish growth and an important source of energy for fish.

Proper fat content is required in floating fish feed formulations. Common sources of fat include fish oil, lard, corn oil, coconut oil, butter, flax palm oil, etc. Then there are carbohydrates, which are the main energy source of fish. Appropriate amounts of carbohydrates in recipes are essential. Carbohydrates generally come from corn, wheat, and other grains, but can also be beans and peas, which require a feed-crushing machine. Mechanically crushed, vitamins and minerals are key to floating feed for fish. Pellet all the raw materials needed using a floating fish feed pellet-making machine. Fish need vitamins and minerals to maintain their basic physiological functions. Appropriate amounts of vitamins and mineral additives need to be added to the floating feed formula to meet the needs of fish. When considering the formula, the relationship between feed capacity and feed nutrition must be taken into consideration, and whether the fish can obtain sufficient nutrition must be considered. While feeling full, the selection of raw materials is also a key step. The needs of fish should be met as much as possible based on the principles of scientific considerations, good prices, stable supply of raw materials, convenient transportation, and convenience and speed.

Remember not to use poor quality raw materials, although the price may be lower after the use of the production of feed fed to fish will lead to fish disease, the consequences are unthinkable. In addition, the use of additives in fish feed formula is also essential, the right amount of additives can promote the absorption of fish nutrients and digestion. Regulate metabolism, and improve the health of fish, in short, good for fish growth, good for improving fish quality, and good for meeting human dietary needs, floating fish feed has a certain floating, so the choice of raw materials needs to take into account the floating factor.

Finally, the choice of feed processing and forming equipment company is also a key factor. I recommend China Lima Machinery Manufacturing Company. Lima fish feed pellet machine company has rich manufacturing experience and a micro-management attitude. Good equipment selection for feed processing can achieve the effect of getting twice the result with half the effort, China Lima feed processing equipment is worthy of customers’ trust. Each machine will be tested before leaving the warehouse to ensure that every machine reaches the customer’s hands and can live up to the customer’s expectations. Lima firmly believes that trust is the source of quality

3. Feed processing and molding

Make preparations in advance, such as cleaning all raw materials to ensure that they are clean and pollution-free during the production process. If they need to be dried in advance, you can use a feed dryer to preprocess the raw materials for processing feed, and then put the feed in a scientific order. The fish feed processing machine performs processing, mixes all the raw materials to achieve uniform fusion, and then sets the particle size of the growth stage according to the fish’s conditions, let the machine crush it to form particles, wait for some time to make the particles uniform, and then proceed to the next step of mixing Adjust to ensure the scientific ratio of nutrients in the floating fish feed, and then pour it into the floating feed manufacturing machine for further processing to form floating fish feed particles of a certain shape and size. After processing is completed, pour it out to cool and air dry.

Four reasons to choose China Lima for feed processing and molding:

  • 1. Careful processing can increase the freshness of the feed and increase the shelf life of the feed. It can adjust the feed surface area. Fish and animals like fresh food to increase the absorption rate of fish feed. To make fish grow healthily,
  • 2. Have professional feed processing technology, so that the processed feed has comprehensive nutritional ingredients, which also reduces the picky eating of fish to a certain extent and improves feed utilization.
  • 3. During the processing, The perfect combination of appropriate temperature, moisture, and other factors enables the feed to undergo a perfect change reaction during processing, which is conducive to better digestion.
  • 4. The processed feed is high-quality feed with less dust, which reduces environmental pollution to a certain extent. Finally, Hualima firmly believes that trust comes from quality. If you need processing equipment, please give China Lima Machinery Manufacturing Company a chance to trust you.

4. Environmental monitoring.

A good water environment is the key factor of fish culture. The healthy growth of fish depends on the water environment. Having an excellent water environment can promote the healthy growth of fish and form good quality, factors that contribute to a good water environment include water quality testing, water quality regulation, water circulation, and water body testing. Regular numerical parameters such as temperature, dissolved oxygen, and so on are all key steps in water quality testing, to make sure that the values are normal when checked regularly, this affects the health of the fish strict oh, the step of water quality testing is based on the results of regular testing, reference to take the necessary measures to adjust the water quality, for example, adding oxygen to the water quality, ventilation is also an essential step, and adjusting the PH value, ah, are all essential steps, and the most important water circulation, should be done at regular intervals, to check to make sure the water circulation is good, must not form dead water area, to increase the supply of oxygen and waste material in the water. To successfully breed fish, a clean, pollution-free water environment is essential

5. Floating production

One of the keys to ensuring the buoyancy of fish feed is to use a floating agent and add a buoyancy agent to the feed, for example, a blowing agent can be used to control the increase in buoyancy. If the buoyancy of the feed made is low and unsatisfactory, we can also adjust the proportion of raw materials to improve the buoyancy of feed, through the method to enhance the buoyancy of fish feed to meet the feeding needs of planktonic fish. The specific fish feed formula needs to be based on the differences in fish, and the growth needs of the various factors to determine the detailed formula. The scientific formulation of fish pelagic feed is the basis of successful fish breeding. High-quality feed can enhance the immunity and disease resistance of fish. The use of high-quality feed is the key to the healthy growth of fish, the feed formula should be improved, innovated, and optimized to find a more suitable feed formula for fish, to improve the digestibility and growth efficiency of fish floating feed, and to improve the sustainability of fish floating feed, to sum up, continuous efforts to continuously improve the fish feed formula is the key to the sustainable development of fish.

6. Summary

Many details need to be paid attention to in the detailed fish feed formula. If you have needs in this regard, you can consult the 24-hour online service on the official website of China Lima Feed Manufacturing Company. During the production process, you must not make do with some things that you do not understand or are uncertain about, otherwise, the feed with economic cost will not be produced. Fish feed will otherwise cause fish diseases. It is also important to be careful in the production process and raw material selection. Protein and amino acids are determined according to the needs of the fish. Wrong proportions will affect the healthy growth and normal life of the fish, so it must be careful and rigorous

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